Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Before we started out on our car trip; Bob & I attended our 9 year old granddaughter Carmin's karate belt exam. She was tested for her orange belt. Here she is after the exam with her orange belt.

Bob and I had a great trip to Texas.
With 2 days driving to Austin I got caught up on quilting magazines and got a binding on a quilt.
I did drive quite a bit also.

We stopped in Fredricksburg, TX; When we first drove into town I saw quilts hanging so of course we had to stop. Well it wasn't a quilt shop (no fabric) just quilts for sale. I was really disappointed when I saw that the shop was selling quilts made in China. We didn't stay long after I showed Bob what I had found. So we did some window shopping and had lunch. Then back on the road for the last 40 miles.

The weather was superb. It was never over 88 and only one day of sticky humidity. The sun was shining everyday with only 2 days of brief sprinkles.
Needless to say we spent lots of time outside playing and working in the yard.
The grandchildren were wonderful! It was so much fun being entertained by 3 1/2 yr old Killian and 18 month old Addison. Although my energy was deleted quickly, I was going to bed pretty early most nights. Here are some photos of them. Yep, Grandma is bringing out the brag photos.


Addison (aka A.J.)

We spent a morning at an indoor play park that had lots of inflatables. We were the only folks in the place. So we had a great time running and playing.

My daughter in law; Michelle was interested in learning to sew. I took her one of my machines and we spent some time sewing.

I did wipe her out fabric shopping. We bought lots of fabric for her to make window treatments and those Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows.
Her introduction to sewing wasn't a small project. She jumped right into making 2 very large patio curtains. She did a great job managing yards of home DEC fabric. The photo is Michelle making the tie-backs for the patio curtains.
Bob was worried I overwhelmed her with so many projects. But Michelle assured me she was HOOKED.
Thank goodness I finally have a family member I can leave my Fabulous Fabric Collection with.

Then we started on curtains for the kids rooms.
Killian even got into helping make the curtain for his room.

Michelle has since finished the smaller curtains for Addisons bedroom and will be working on the larger curtains for her room.

It was really hard to leave the family in Texas. I sure do miss those great hugs everyday from the grandchildren. There is nothing like em!

Thanks for allowing me to share some of my vacation with you.