Friday, March 5, 2010

Quilt Shows

March already!!
This is a great month for quilter's. You can enter your creations into the quilt show or just get to view the beautiful creations. Whether you have entered into a community show or if you've entered into the Arizona Quilters Guild show. What a pleasure it is for everyone to share in this wonderful tradition.
I had the pleasure last night of attending Quilter's Point of View at Viewpoint Resort preview Quilt Show. The display of quilts, bags, jackets was fantastic!! There were rooms that were full of beautiful creations. It was just a pleasure to see. Make sure to check out all these local shows, you won't be sorry you took the time. There are 4 this weekend beginning today. We have the information posted in the store window.

Remember March 20th is National Quilting Day.

Happy Quilting