Friday, March 8, 2013

ABCD Quilting Class with Designer & Author Kim Fauth

Kim Fauth, author & designer giving eager students some basic instructions on her ABCD quilt block construction.
 Kim providing some one on one instruction to students.
 Sharing multiple samples of the versatility of the ABCD quilt block technique.
 Kim provided assistance to students to make sure they were successful.  
Kim & Sandy plan a design lay-out with the ABCD blocks Sandy constructed.

Melissa & Pat stayed busy constructing their quilt blocks.

 Hugette & Dianne were model students constructing their quilt blocks.
Hugette & Kim spend a little time "playing"  with the blocks Hugette constructed.
I just love those bright cheerful colors.

Pearl places her quilt blocks on the design wall to visualize the pattern her blocks will create.
These fabrics sure are elegant. 

Pat also spent some time designing with the blocks she constructed in class.

Ladies what a fabulous job you all did. 
Thanks for attending this special class with Kim.
Looking forward to seeing your blocks assembled.
Remember Kim expects a photo of your quilt emailed to her.
Thanks to Kim Fauth and her sister Sue for a very fun and educational class.
Looking forward to the next two classes she will be teaching.