Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Demolition Crew at Work

Kathy, Sandy, & Sharon prepping for demolition of the walls in the suite we will be expanding into.

 The Quilting Girls (Quilter's Oasis Staff) have definitely Gone Wild! We traded in our rulers, rotary cutters, & sewing machines for drills, hammers, sledgehammers and saws.

Our wonderful demolition supervisor, Bud loaned us the correct tools, and some much needed direction.

Judy yielding a power saw. Now I know why she can rotary cut so fast.
Sandy swinging that sledgehammer. 
 Michele & Sandy busting holes.
 That's me busting up that drywall! Feels good to finally get moving on the renovation project.
 Bud finishing up the demolition, cutting all those large pieces of wood & drywall into manageable
pieces so Bob (hubby) & I can load them up to take to the dump.
Thanks to the Girls Gone Wild Bunch (my staff) & especially to Bud for all his hard work.