Wednesday, April 24, 2013

City of Mesa Building Permit

The architect; Patrick and the contractor; Jerry went to the City of Mesa, Monday afternoon.
It's official the building permit was obtained!
Thanks to Patrick for all his wonderful architectural work, the official plans and Jerry with his building knowledge.
Jerry was in first thing Tuesday morning & had the metal studs already in place by the time I got to the shop (at 9 am). We had our planning session & things got MOVING!!!
The table placement was drawn on the floor, the electrical plug placement was planned, the french door for the classroom was moved in (thanks Patrice for helping your hubby), and a tentative schedule was made. Boy do I, we ( I do have a few mice in my pocket) have LOTS to do in the next few weeks.
Sharon, Annette, Terri, and I got fabric bolts moved (many of which are now stored in the back for my jeep & Terri's car).
So when you come in don't freak out that we have empty shelves (or fabric on the floor EEK), we have to prepare for Jerry to knock the BIG hole in the wall to join the new space.
I posted a picture of the inspection/permit on facebook yesterday but don't have any pics yet to post here on the blog. I'll try to get a couple pictures taken today so I can share them.
Well better get myself to work so I can get some more bolts moved off that wall. One thing positive about moving all that fabric is I'm getting some exercise (weight lifting).

Have a wonderful day & have some fun stitching for me, I think it's going to be a bit before my machine & I can bond.