Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Expansion Progress

Let me introduce you to Jerry, the contractor responsible for the new appearance of the shop & the wonderful new classroom space. He's hard at work making sure that the french door will fit perfectly for the classroom entrance. 
He's always smiling and has a great sense of humor. (he has too to work around all of us quilters)

Yesterday he broke through the existing wall separating our current space & the new one.

 He wanted to let us know how he was progressing on the expansion.

I couldn't help but check out how the new space looked. Wait till you see how big the new shop is going to be! 

 Jerry wanted to give us some good photos to share with everyone. So Annette, Sharon & I had some fun; we got to be in both spaces at the same time! Note we couldn't get our toes all pointed in unison. The customers that were shopping had a good laugh.  

            Immediately after our photo opportunity, Jerry got right back to  


Demising (separating) wall is down!! Jerry admiring his great work!
Jerry removing some stubborn drywall. 
Now for the dust to settle, thank goodness for the plastic keeping the dust away from the fabric! 
Today (Wednesday May 1st) Jerry got all the drywall taped & prepped for texture. 
Now I get ready to prime the remaining dark blue paint. 
Electrician, paint, & carpet are all scheduled. 


Here comes the staff & my turn to work... prime & paint! 

Will share some more pictures soon. 
Kathy & the Oasis Staff
Jerry too!